Storage, Stairs and Seating Nook: Three Wishes Come True


What a fantastic design triple play! This raised platform in a Barcelona apartment does triple duty: it’s a seating nook, a storage area and a stairway to the terrace. How sleek is that? Before renovations by Nook Architects, the terrace was difficult to access with only a single door so they opened it up to allow lots of light. They needed a stairway to provide easy access to the terrace – might as well give it more than one functionality! How clever to cover the raised seating area in wood floor. Because it’s such a large platform, it gives the space the feeling of being another room – as well as a place to sit and ponder life as you look outside. And there is so much storage – that’s the best part. We’re always looking for extra storage space! The kitchen is open and flows into the seating nook. And isn’t it lovely and bright for sitting and reading? An idea whose time has come – we need to maximize smaller spaces to make our living areas more organic — and Nook Architects certainly have that concept covered.


The raised seating area has lots of natural light for sitting and reading books!


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