Folding Home Theater Seats: super minimalist by Lamm

Though designed for commercial use, these new folding theater seats by Lamm can be perfect for the home. Lamm takes minimalism to the maximum with this folding seat design dubbed ‘Genya’. It’s amazing how much minimalism can be achieved, there is no end to it … I guess that is because the ingenuity is often found in simplicity and the simplicity brings out the best in functionality. Designed by Dante Bonuccelli as a very stylistic armchair, this perfectly balanced and tested structure still has to be bolted to the floor as it creates a console when unfolded, but the benefits are many: besides the clean minimalist look it is very easy to clean around them ;-). It also has to be very well structured for safety, to withstand the weight, and it is … the sturdy internal metal frame is fixed directly to the floor. These will fit best in urban style space like downtown loft. We’re not sure if these chairs are available for private purchase but it would be cool to own some. I would love to have these seats in my imaginable home theater. What do you think? Contact Lamm for more info.