Bright Colored Chairs by Parri Design

These new colored chairs in bright hues by Marco Maran at Parri Design are simply irresistible. Get your party going using these chairs and you won’t even need the balloons. You’ll be amazed what the presence of many chairs in all kinds of bright colors in the same room can accomplish. To add even more fun, I would use chairs of different designs. Chair designs shown below are stackable Candy, spring flowers-like MyFlower, pampered Pamper and the newest 3×2. Visit Parri Design for details. Via Archiportale









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  1. Anonymous // 05/10/2010 at 9:38 PM //

    These are some great chairs that would look great in any room. They could be used to complement accent a neutral room or to complement a room that is already brightly colored. Come check out some more design ideas or contact some great design people at Beasley & Henley – luxury interior design:

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