6 Cool Ultra Modern Chairs That Aren’t Overly Ultra

Some ultra modern chairs are just art and are not really useful pieces of furniture … but these 6 newest chairs can actually be quite practical and are very modern looking at the same time. If you want to be up to date with the latest ‘ultra’ decor trend and to still enjoy your choice of furniture a few years from now then consider these timeless chair designs …


We start with the ultra modern chairs for outdoors as these are rare…

The Hoop chair designed by Arik Levy for Living Divani is made from steel and covered with weather-proof cushions and pillows. This durable and light design will fit nicely on a modern patio. A great contrast between the bare rigid rod frame and the softness of the pillows gives it a very ultra look. Comes in a family of sofas and armchairs and a variety of colors and sizes. Living Divani


Not every day you see wood furniture that is so seamlessly crafted as these Maui chairs from Riva – not even a sharp corner. A great job and a great conversation starter, these hand-made from a section of cedar trunk objects are truly unique. The art-like earthy chairs will look great on your green. A statement by itself, this wooden design requires no other decor elements. Riva


This next design from Zanotta has that retro feel that you may be looking for in a modern chair. A combination of tan and white colors on fine leather gives it a very modern and expensive look. This Derby chair with a swivel base will fit nicely in a living room or a bedroom. Zanotta


Ultra modern and retro at the same time, the Tutumu pink casual chairs from Bonaldo are very aesthetically pleasing with their formal bows. And not without added functionality – these chic and classy chairs by Japan’s Kaori Shiina can double up as foldable twin-size futons which makes them a convenient design for small homes. Make even three items out of one – the unwrapped pouffe serves as a linen basket. Just open the ties and voila – your guests have a place to sleep and store. Bonaldo


A plain design, these almost contemporary Capri swivel chairs from Globe Zero 4 will fit any ultra modern decor space. With a simple metal base and a bright color and polka dot upholstery they are just a bit too ultra for a classic contemporary taste. Globe Zero 4


These ultra modern chairs Oppo from Bla Station are lovely designs by Stefan Borselius. These funky chairs are great for a kids room or a cool living room. Looking like cute stuffed animals they can fill a room with joy. Can be upholstered with fabric or leather. Bla Station