Most Popular Luxury Modern Furniture & Furniture Brands in 2009

You may have seen these beautiful iconic pieces of luxury modern furniture – they can be found in many high-end homes today. Because of these products their manufacturers have became some of the most popular furniture brands for 2009 and beyond. You may have seen these well-recognized items on the covers of hi-end magazines or on luxury home tours on the Internet … but never knew who makes them or where to buy them. While researching for the latest, most popular modern decor products, we have run into these iconic items on several occasions, and today we’d like to share our finds with you.


Most Popular Luxury Modern Furniture for 2009

Togo Sofa by Ligne Roset

Designed by Michel Ducaroy over 30 years ago, the Togo Sofa is a Ligne Roset classic. Amazingly, the Togo collection is becoming even more popular now as the entire world moves toward modern. Modern home architecture demands modern furniture and Togo fits right in. Lately, we get lots of questions about it, people want to know who makes it. Now you know – it’s by Ligne Roset.


An ultimate in comfort and style, the Togo sofa is your choice if you want to make a very modern statement… While modern is a given, Togo’s most distinct feature is that it’s both visually attractive and physically inviting. All made up of foam constructions and quilted covers, the collection includes sofas with and without arms, chairs, loveseats, corner seats and ottomans, and even smaller, kids versions of the same. Just arrange it to fill the room.


Here’s one fine example showcasing Togo and other furniture pieces from Ligne Roset – the luxury contemporary house in Los Angeles by Tim Campbell. There, an orange Togo sofa looks marvelous on a dark Walnut floor.


Want to recreate this fabulous look? You’re going to need the Marguerite cowhide footstools (or poufs) as well, also by Ligne Roset. Available in black, white and brown natural cowhide, each footstool will be totally unique, and that’s the beauty of it.


Canasta Circular Sofa by B&B Italia

A part of the 2007 Canasta woven outdoor furniture collection from B&B Italia, the Canasta circular sofa is already an icon. A very elegant profile covered with delicate patterns, it has helped B&B Italia maintain its ‘the most popular furniture brand’ status. Luxury and modern, the sofa is designed by Spain’s renowned Patricia Urquiola who makes an icon of almost anything she creates. With so many high-end outdoor furniture designs available on the market, you cannot go wrong with the Canasta collection.


We found a great Canasta example at this luxury home near London … The outdoor space is almost entirely furnished with the items from the Canasta collection, showing sofas, armchairs, chaise lounges, tables and low tables on balconies, terraces and patios.


The Canasta circular sofa was also seen at this Modern Prefabricated Home Showcase organized to promote both, the modular prefab architecture and the latest luxury furniture from B&B Italia. The entire house is decorated with items from multiple B&B collections and, of course, the sofa stands out.


Kartell Bourgie Table Lamps

The Bourgie Lamps from Kartell have been so very popular that you can see them used to accessorize or add that finished touch in many furniture showrooms around the world, including dining rooms, living rooms and bathrooms. It’s glamorous, it’s chic, it has an understated presence, and it fits any modern decor space – it’s versatile. It resembles the Baroque style, to make an unique impression … but it’s also plastic which confirms its modernity.


Crinoline High Backrest Armchair by B&B Italia

The most recent, 2008 design by Patricia Urquiola, the Crinoline range of luxury outdoor furniture is so well received, it’s becoming a must-have as we speak. Adding yet another iconic masterpiece to B&B’s popular collection, this armchair creates an exquisite outdoor living atmosphere … There is no need to describe it in detail – a picture is worth a thousand words.


It was spotted at the same Prefab Home Showcase where B&B Italia has been promoting its brand.


Question Mark Chair & Heartbreaker Chair by Tonon

Funky and refined, the Question Mark and the Heartbreaker chairs come with an ultra modern flair and help to create a fun environment in any modern house. Conversation starters, they come with funky names too. But they are also tasteful furnishings and make a great choice when it comes to outfitting your stylish interiors. Designed by Stefan Heiliger, they are impossible not to like. Iconic too? Sure, almost literally – from Tonon.


One of the privileges of the very expensive luxury homes is that they have everything, and yes, this London’s Mansion has them too, both designs.


Look at these chairs … aren’t they adorable? Breaking my heart …


Heartbreaker Chair