Modern Plywood Furniture by Lapalma: bare essentials

We like how designers at Lapalma can take the most common designs and strip them to their bare essentials while preserving the aesthetics. The result is the minimalist but appealing creations that are easy to manufacture and require minimum materials to produce. These two new furniture items, the AP stool and the Otium seat, are perfect examples of such fruitful exploration in design. The AP stool design by Shin Azumi clearly is a display of what can be done with just bent plywood using today’s modern technologies. Created from a single sheet of plywood, it looks interesting and it’s a functional structure that requires no metal parts. Similarly, the Otium seat design by Mario Ruiz is composed of a single sheet of bent plywood and a simple stainless steel structure. Available either in naked wood with cushions or with an upholstered leather pad, Otium is an essentials-only design that looks very light weight and comfortable with its slightly rounded ends. Visit Lapalma for more details.





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  1. kibodhi // 02/02/2011 at 7:42 PM //

    If you like Plywood maybe this will be interesting too:
    “The Tri-Bodhi is can be placed in a minimalist interior. The compact chair is perfect for meditation in Lotus position reading or the pleasure of practicing tantra.”.
    Tri-Bodhi (Tri means three in Latin and means Bodhi leaves) is unique in terms of seating, nothing resembles this design.
    (Label Kibodhi-Patent nr. P6031721NL)
    The chair is both durable and multifunctional in its use.
    Multifunctional; because the chair is adjustable up to 5 different sitting positions.
    Sustainable; because the chair consists of several components that are separate replaceable. The chair will last a lifetime.
    Designer: Lars Cornelisse is a designer and creator of unique designs totally different from what others have ever created. His interested goes to multi functional furniture with an ecological approach for the use of sustainability of his products.

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