Raw Furniture in Modern Colors by Muuto

We spotted this artistic Raw furniture collection by Muuto on the Svenssons’ website. Rustic by make but modern by finish, it’s one of the kind. Imaging having this raw furniture in your summer home in the northern woods where it will contrast with the green outside or in your oceanfront house where it will blend in with the colors of the ocean ;-). Or simply use this raw furniture in your city loft, to create an eclectic style interior. Set stools and chairs around a minimalist white table, to add drama. Accessorizes it with the candlesticks. Hang over a few of these simplistic bulb-lamps and you got a cool decor space filled with colors and joy. This modern furniture would fit nicely with that Swedish home decor we posted prior. It’s hand sawn from solid wood and then varnished. The stools can also substitute for side or coffee tables.







2 Comments on Raw Furniture in Modern Colors by Muuto

  1. John Tailer // 10/25/2010 at 7:20 AM //

    Hi Captivatist
    I come to this site quite often to look for new ideas of modern design furniture. Really like these ruff carved items. Love the chairs. I have currently just got a table from a modern furniture shop Peter Carlson. http://www.petercarlson.co.uk/Ghost/p-463. I think the green candle stand would work quiet well if it was white. Saying that green might work as well. What do you think?

  2. Hi John. Both may work well. If your table and chairs are white as pictured at this link then for a nice formal look, we would go with the white candle stand. But if you want to add some playfulness or some accent to your set then a colored stand is the way to go, and green will do well, especially if you can match it to other green items in this space.

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