Steel Chair Design: sheet metal chairs in galvanized steel for indoors and outdoors, by Casprini

These YuYu chairs and bar stools made entirely from sheet steel … couldn’t believe it until I red the details. A very neat chair design by Andrea Panzieri for Casprini. They appear to look like wood thanks to painted and lacquered finish and hardly visible weld joints. The steel sheet metal chairs can be used indoors and also outdoors when galvanized. The steel bar stools could be an interesting option for an outdoor bar idea. Available in white, orange, anthracite, tobacco and green from Casprini. The design is far from being minimalist: the angles and the colors are carefully selected to create a presence intriguing enough to make your guests wonder what is it made from. There is something captivating about these chairs, may be it’s the inability (at least on my part) to define their style – I place them somewhere in between very ultra-modern, avant-garde and … child furniture where the latter gives them a bit of a playful appearance, in my view. I believe, a great goal is achieved here – a furniture design that borders between practical and art. But that is just my opinion, I welcome yours …