Glamping is the New Camping in Style: Tents by Archiworkshops


Glamping. It’s the new Camping. Only with luxury touches. After all, who wants to rough it anymore?

This line of tents is called (surprise, surprise): Glamping for Glampers.

The term Glamping is used to describe the trend of heading out to the woods, but with modern luxuries like toilets and kitchens. Designed for a remote camp in Yang-Pyeong, South Korea by ArchiWorkshops, these tents are shaped either shaped like donuts (their “Stacking Doughnut” designation), or long tubular formations like snakes (‘Modular Flow” tents). Either is a long step up from traditional camping – the membrane is stretched around a steel frame and the entryway is glazed glass to allow light to flow through the space. Each unit has a “toilet booth” and the outer layers are doubled up for insulation. The structure is also fireproof and waterproof. With tents like these – you can experience nature, but with all the comforts of home.


Some of the tents are shaped like snakes, the others are circular.


Glamping: All the conveniences of home.


Tents have a double layer of skin to make them all-weather camping sites.


Each tent has a sitting area out front.


Camping has come a long way since pitching a pup tent in the woods! If you do plan to pitch a pup tent in the woods, however, you won’t do better than Camp Grasp for some handy tips and tricks.


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Written by Beverley Wood

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