Manta Resort: Amazing Underwater Hotel in East Africa

Genberg Underwater Hotels, a Swedish company, has unveiled their latest underwater accommodation at their Manta Resort on Pemba Island, off the coast of East Africa.


Separated from the mainland of Tanzania and Zanzibar for decades, the Island is virtually untouched by development. And there’s an underwater room you can book for a mere $750 a night (per person, based on double occupancy). You can sunbathe on what is effectively the roof deck – or stargaze. And there is also a deck at water level. But 4 meters (13+ feet) below the ocean surface is where you’ll tuck in. Can you imagine sleeping down there with the fish? What an incredible way to have an undersea experience. I’d like to be…under the sea… in an Octopus’s Garden keeps playing in our heads! The Manta Resort, home of the underwater room, also has on-land rooms and a wide variety of luxury amenities. So when you awake in the morning, you can come ashore for champagne brunch.


The fish swim past your window… and doesn’t that bed (below) look luxurious?


More information: Manta Resort

Written by Beverley Wood

Beverley Wood has lived on boats in Toronto and Vancouver and in an old hacienda in Mexico. She knows funky when she sees it. She's been writing since she was old enough to pick up a pen and has never shied away from the unusual or the whimsical. Her love of the unique (and sometimes bizarre) led her to Captivatist.