Christmas Decor Ideas: Home for the Holidays

Christmas decor ideas are the heart of winter – and Christmas is such a special time. A time of reflection and family and friends, a time of gifts and food. And before you know it, it’s going to be New Year’s Eve. But that’s a whole other post.

What do these holidays mean to you? Overall, I love the lights and the colors and the wrapping paper and the holiday decor. Whether it’s Christmas or Hanukah or another celebration – it’s the spirit of it all that counts. And all the baubles and sparkles.

There are so many creative themes and styles and DIYs to choose from. And it’s never too early to start to map it out. Unless it’s July. That’s too early.

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Christmas Decor Ideas: Advent Calendars

I just love advent calendars and there are so many very cool ones – including food and booze. Geez, when I was a kid, it was just small chocolates. Some of the designs are lovely. Be sure to get them in house by the beginning of December!

Christmas Advent Calendar

The Williamsburg is a thoughtfully designed wooden Advent Calendar with 24 numbered doors behind which small surprises can be hidden for each day. Open door number one on December 1st and the next numbered door each day leading up to December 24th.

Wedgewood Advent Calendar

The Wedgewood Avent Calendar — each of 24 squares contains a tiny porcelain Wedgewood ornament.This is a really upscale advent calendar but will add the Wedgewood blue to your Christmas decor for years to come.

Gingerbread Avent Calendar

The Gingerbread Advent Calendar has 24 wooden drawers that you fill with small treasures. It’s another one that you do fill yourself but if it’s a gift, this allows you to really personalize it for your recipient.

Rum advent calendar

The Drinks by the Dram’s rum advent calendar is a perfect gift for the rum lover – it contains 24 different 30ml drams of rum from across the globe,


And where there’s rum, there’s whiskey, too (and all the others).

Coffee tea or hot chocolate advent calendars at Wittards

Whittard’s offers coffee, tea and hot chocolate advent calendars. Each drawer reveals another flavor – these three choices should be able to cover a lot of folks on Santa’s list.

Whittard of Chelsea Advent Calendar

Christmas Decor Ideas: Trees for the Table, Floor & Wall

Nothing actually drives the theme of your Christmas decor more than the tree itself. Will yours be natural, colorful, real, artificial, contemporary, classic, modern? Choices, choices.

Snow dusted trees for the table

Snow dusted Christmas trees for your counter, shelf or mantle – they look like the tree we affectionately call “Dr. Zeus” trees here in the Pacific Northwest.

Christmas tree designed for the White House

Jim Marvin created this Christmas tree with 1,400 lights — for The White House in 2012. Seriously. And now you can have it in your house (at a bit of a presidential price).

Christmas Lights Birch Trees

Indoor-outdoor Birch Trees with Christmas lights have a natural feel to them – they’d go well either out or in at a house with a natural Christmas theme.

All Natural Wall tree

The pallet tree is natural, as is tree below. I love the distressed look of this one and the lights — it really is a work of art. The pallet has a great distressed white surface.

Another Natural christmas tree

Wood slats Christmas Tree

This simple wood slat / tealight tree (tabletop size, only 17″) is from Amazon of all places. It’s a great use for those scraps of wood that are always leftover and you could DIY one of these in no time. This is seriously natural and sustainable Christmas decor.

Ceramic Christmas tree come back

Speaking of tabletop trees, these ceramic trees from the 1960s are making a comeback.

Cody Foster Christmas trees

Cody Foster’s set of five glass trees (available in blue, green or pink) are a perfect cluster for the sideboard.

Sea Glass Christmas Tree

Choose from a sea glass tree or a sea shell tree with a starfish topper.  Tabletop trees from the ocean.

Mexico Punched tin Christmas Tree

These Mexican punched tin trees are available in all sizes from tabletop to full size and throw incredible light. This model is available from Direct from Mexico.

Christmas Ornaments to Trim the Tree

So many ornaments, so little time. There are so many choices and I  love them all. And it doesn’t even have to be a Christmas tree. Hang them on any tree – it’s the spirit that counts.


Color changing mercury glass solar ornaments from Plow and Hearth  for hanging on outdoor trees. They’re beautiful at night.

Mercury Glass Ornaments

From Horchow, the best in mercury glass ornaments. Certainly, some of the best ornaments out there to complement your Christmas decor.

Jay Strongwater Christmas ornament

Such as this Jay Strongwater mercury glass decoration – a hooded falcon.

LED Christmas Decor Ornaments

LED Christmas ball ornaments – the LEDs shine inside the clear crystal glass ball — the snowman, the house in the snow and a beautiful pastel sparkly confetti bulb.


Food Christmas OrnamentsFood Christmas OrnamentsFood Christmas Ornaments

Cody Foster has a wide array of food ornaments in mercury glass – check out all of the CF ornaments, they are great! They have some very cool ones, I couldn’t show you all of them so do be sure to check them out.


Brussel Sprout Christmas decorations

Brussel Sprouts anyone? From Not on the High Street, and can be personalized!

Gingerbread house ornament

Love this mercury glass gingerbread house ornament. Mercury glass is my favorite, I think. What’s yours?

suitcase full of Christmas

You can hop over to Esty and get a whole suitcase full!


Christmas Decorations: Stockings & Sacks


Santa Sack how cool

This personalized Santa Sack from Not on the High Street is pretty awesome. Love it. and you can reuse them every year.

Marlow Santa Sack

The Marlow sack has a different vibe, both are incredible. Just depends on your own Christmas decor. Reusable year after year and much more environmentally friendly than all that wrapping paper.


Neiman Marcus Christmas Stocking

This gorgeous Neiman Marcus Christmas Stocking has beads and pearls – an elegant adult stocking.

Golden Christmas Stocking

Kim Seybert Christmas Stocking in holiday gold – if your Christmas decor theme this year is gold and cream, this is the stocking for you.


Christmas Decor Stocking

Jonathan Adler Muse Eyes stocking – he never fails to surprise.

Christmas Decor Ideas – Out of the Ordinary

Incredible Gingerbread House!

This Gingerbread House is astounding. You can’t eat it, but on the upside — it lasts year after year. Really a stunning piece.

Aunt Peaches Christmas Chandelier

What a great idea for a chandelier! And to be honest, the chandelier itself is kind of ugly. These ornaments gave it a reason to be there. Something like this can really elevate your Christmas decor on the creativity scale. I love lots of color.  Source

Ikea Lights and Christmas bulbs

This one is built on Ikea lights – lots of cool DIYs if you start looking around. Source

Dome Lights for Christmas

You can do incredible things with wire LED lights.  I love it.

Fence Lights for Christmas

If you live in the country, decorate your fence!

Whatever you do for the season, whatever you celebrate, have a lovely holiday!

Written by Beverley Wood

Beverley Wood has lived on boats in Toronto and Vancouver and in an old hacienda in Mexico. She knows funky when she sees it. She's been writing since she was old enough to pick up a pen and has never shied away from the unusual or the whimsical. Her love of the unique (and sometimes bizarre) led her to Captivatist.