Head Planters and Face Pots: Whimsical Containers

Face and head planters have been around for a while – and do much to bring a giggle to the garden or even the interior green space. But now you can make them at home with a plethora of molds available. Or you can even use mannequins or styrofoam wig heads. And if you aren’t the crafty type – we also have plenty of examples from places where you can purchase them. Just remember, cement is heavy and expensive to ship. So you might want to opt for a lighter weight resin if ordering online. Or go with the mannequin – it’s my current favourite starting place. Yes, you heard me right. They make the most charming head planters, along with other body parts (read on). And they are easy to work with.

Whimsical Face Planters

Smililng lady face planter

This cute face planter is perfect for realistic faux roses.

Pearl Vine Face Planter

This whimsical girl head planter is available at Amazon. Of course, the plant is not included but it works perfectly in that planter. Her face is so cute!

Family Face Pots

This family is so sweet, love the way the son has his hair done. I found it on Facebook and have been searching for a place to buy them but no luck. They’re certainly charming.


Two sweet head and shoulders planters

Aren’t these ladies just delicate and sweet looking? We love the way the artist has used their hands to frame their faces.

Cute doll head planter

Isn’t this DIY doll head planter cute? I wouldn’t add the gold sparkles if I was replicating this, though. Remember this one, because you’ll be seeing some others later, but I don’t want to add any spoilers.

Buddha Head  Planters

Buddha head planter

This gorgeous large Buddha head planter is from Not on the HighStreet (.com) – one of our favorite online stores. They have some very cool stuff. And deliver lickety-split to North America (from the UK). Trust me, they’ve got stuff your friends on this side of the pond have never seen so it’s a fantastic source for finding funky gifts.

Blue Buddha head planter

From Amazon. Great reproduction of a vintage Tibetan Buddha statue – with a place in his head for a plant. A very appealing combination Buddha and planter.


These Buddha face wall planters are subtle and elegant. Buy them on Etsy.com

Cement Buddha head planter

An imposing Buddha head planter for the garden – why not create a “Buddha Garden”? It’s a thing now. You don’t have to be Buddhist. You just have to like plants and be kind 🙂

Cement Head Planters

cement head

Those look like strawberry vines running down Romeo’s shoulders – that would be an incredible sight at harvest time. He’s gorgeous and heavy. If you’re looking for something like this, best to shop locally or buy a mold and DIY!

Wall Face Planter

What a gorgeous wall face planter pot – and the string of pearls vine is such a lovely touch for her hair. Available on Etsy.com

Handsome planter with a wild plant

This medusa planter is one of the funkiest we’ve seen – we got it from our friends at Fresh Patio. But you have to admit, it’s not so much the cement head planter as the snake cactus they used for hair. How creative. I used to have one of those and I named him Nick. They can be kinda creepy.

woman head planter

Square head Planter

This square planter is huge. You can buy it at Rockett St. George in the UK.

Technically a vase but stunning

Technically a vase, perhaps – but a stunning piece of cement work.

The Gang's all here!

The gang’s all here – an iconic garden of cement head planters captures everyone’s attention.

Mannequins repurposed as Head Planters

Mannequin man head planter

This mannequin head planter is so realistic – his face so perfect. Love the hair, too.

mannequin mohawk

A Mowhawk on a head planter! Hilarious. From our friends at Mannequin Madness – check out some of their posts, especially their DIY about planter pots.

DIY head planters

These are styrofoam wig heads, but it’s the same principle with DIY mannequin head planters. And easier to DIY with. These wig heads would be the place for beginner DIY-ers to start.

Planter head with flowers

Also from Mannequin Maddness – a very simple head (I can’t tell if ti’s a mannequin or styrofoam to be honest) – hollowed out and filled with flowers. What a whimsical piece – I love it, especially the colors against the white.

biker planter head

This is a pretty cool head planter – Willie Nelson?

Mannequin planter

A stylish brush to one side gives this pot head a sophisticated look.

Carmen Miranda Planter Head

Oh Carmen! What a lovely Carmen Miranda mannequin planter pot. Full of succulents. From Etsy.com and currently sold out, but you can order one! I think she’s my favorite of all.

But it’s not all about faces …

mannequin leg planters in metalic

These mannequin legs, painted with metallic paint, make a stunning display, an art piece really. I’m going to try this one. I see it as the main piece at the doorway, in a loft with cement floors.

Easter Island Head Planter Pots

Easter Island Head Planter

Easter Island Head planters are iconic pieces for your garden, like this one from La Hacienda UK. You can order online, but consider shipping costs!

Planter Head Easter Island

This Easter Island planter head is more whimsical, largely due to the choice of plant.

Easter Island Planters

Easter Island cement face planters stand guard at the bottom of the stairs. Available from Amazon.

Half Face Planter Pots

Half Face Planters

These half face planters are very attractive – you can buy them in a set of three at Outdoor Art Pros – because they are art, not just plant pots.

Other colors of half face planters, in assorted sizes, are available at Etsy.com

DIY Vintage Doll Planter Heads

Maybe only for Halloween. The last one, at least.

Troll Doll head Planters

From the Garden Chick, we have the troll doll planter pot DIY. They are so cute!


When you put a few of these doll face planters together, they look pretty interesting.


If you’ve got the right sense of humor, this can work for you. For others, it’s a Halloween decoration.

Here’s another type of head planter

Cow head planter

This incredible bullhead planter is from Kari Caldwell Studio.

And finally – Tulip Head Planters to leave you smiling

Tulip head planters promo gimmick for hire

I LOVE these guys. The Corporate Entertainment Agency can supply flower pot heads for hire – among other hilarious costumes. Do visit their website!

And there you go – lots of ideas for head planters, face pots, whimsical pieces. Some DIY, some buy off the shelf. You can have a very funky looking outdoor grotto space in not time if you go with the head and face planter theme.

Written by Beverley Wood

Beverley Wood has lived on boats in Toronto and Vancouver and in an old hacienda in Mexico. She knows funky when she sees it. She's been writing since she was old enough to pick up a pen and has never shied away from the unusual or the whimsical. Her love of the unique (and sometimes bizarre) led her to Captivatist.