Outdoor Lights for Magic Summer Nights

Outdoor lights can really make your backyard nights something special and if you go for solar, they cost nothing after the initial purchase. Every year, new lights hit the market from around the world. Some are elegant, some are funky, some are plain fabulous. From table lamps to floor lamps to string lights – we’ve got you covered. And if you can’t find the solar light you want (solar being the preferred choice), rest assured that all new lights are LED and not as unfriendly to the environment as they have been in years gone by. Many draw very minimal power.

The right outdoor lights can transform your yard or patio into a magical place. And that covers a gamut of styles from Boho to Modern. What does your outdoor magic look like?

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Outdoor Lights: On Top of the Table

Nested Fig: Bottle Lights

We’ve found a new store, The Nested Fig, and it has great products. We love these bottle lights. You can buy cheap ones, but these are good ones with a great stopper. Take it from someone who has bought too many el-cheapo bottle lights. These are the real thing.

Red Lantern Table Lamp

This LED Lantern from Yard Envy  You’re going to see a lot of lights from them on this page – they are the leader in funky patio lights for sure. Later, you’ll see the same lights in miniature on a string. Fantastic store.

Amzon Outdoor Lantern

This fantastic Moroccon style outdoor lantern is from Amazon and has a handle so you can hang it, place it on the table or even sit it on the patio itself.

Or buy a set of four Moroccan Tower Solar Lanterns – for a very reasonable price. Split them up or use them to light a pathway.

Birch Bark Lamp

From Plough & Hearth,  this faux birch bark table lamp sets the outdoor table perfectly.

Floor Lamps for the Patio, Garden or Backyard

Penelope Floor Lamp

The Penelope Floor Lamp is a full-size outdoor light and turns a lot of heads, especially if you go for the crowd look.

Decovry outdoor floor lamp

This gorgeous outdoor floor lamp is from Decovry and has a more traditional look. They have great products at Decovry and a huge selection. And they do ship to North America.

Pivot Collection

This is the Pivot Collection at Slide Design. Be sure to click on their name for a directory of all their incredible illuminated pieces. You do not want to miss this place – they’ve got a huge range of outdoor items with LED lights. Some you’d never expect.

Floor lamps for the patio

Waterproof wicker floor lamps and table lamps (various sizes) are available from Plough & Hearth. They are a very warm light, and give the outdoors a cozy feeling.

Hanging Lamps for Outdoors

Not on the Highstreet: Outdoor Lights

Not on the High Street is one of our all-time favourite online shops. They’ve got incredible stuff, not just these sophisticated outdoor lights (above and below). They ship to North America and it’s quick and painless.

Not on the High Street

Buy these gorgeous outdoor hanging lights from Not on the High Street.

Hanging outdoor lights

These are what I’d call “hanging” outdoor lights when bunched together as above. But also a segway to our next category when stretched out – they become a gorgeous, warm light string. From Wayfair.

String Lights for the Backyard

String Lights: Outdoor Magic

String Lights: Outdoor parties

Nothing says summer backyard party like outdoor bulb lights on a string. They’re my absolute favorite. Be sure you buy good quality and they will last for years. Like this waterproof commercial-grade set.

Bulb String Lights

They look fantastic when you use a few strings and make a statement.

Bulb Lights outdoors

Elevate your backyard dinner party with a crisp white tablecloth and lots of globe string lights. Isn’t this set up elegant?

Outdoor Edison Lights

To make your party a little funkier, replace the bulbs with Edison lights (or you can buy them already equipped with vintage bulbs at Amazon).

Outdoor Lights: Bee String

These Solar Honey Bee String Lights are just the whimsical touch for your backyard. We normally don’t go for the figurine lights, but these cast a lovely, warm glow.

Red Lantern outdoor lights

More from Yard Envy but this time, string light lanterns. They’d look really good if you had one of the table lanterns as well.

Yard Envy

These funky chilli pepper lights, always a favorite, are available at – where else but Yard Envy?

Palm Tree Outdoor Lights

This Palm Tree is a great addition to a backyard tiki bar – or even an indoor tropical themed room.

Trunk Lights

Twinkle Trunk Lights

These multifunctional twinkle trunk lights are battery-operated and have a timer. Don’t you just love tree trunks that have been wrapped in fairy lights? They are so cheerful, I’d leave them up all year round (but maybe in white, like below).

Trunk Wrap lights

These tree trunk wrap lights are perfect to leave up all year – your backyard will always look like a wonderland.

Stake Lights

This stake lights from Yard Envy are like miniature fireworks for your patio. We can’t stress enough how much superb product this store has in the backyard lighting space.

Plough & Hearth Solar Outdoor Lights

Plough and Hearth is the store for these incredible hanging solar lights. Yes, solar! So you don’t ever have to plug them in or turn them on. It’s all automatic and at no cost for energy. Aren’t they magical?

Fold Flat Star Lights

The outdoor Aurora Superstar foldable star lights are incredible. Really a magical look. Imagine a summer solstice party under these outdoor lights. And also available in white, below.

White Star Lights


Curtain Lights outdoor magic

And curtain lights are always a popular choice. They can really change the look of your patio into a magical space. I love these lights – outdoors or indoors. You can buy these for decent prices at Amazon. Fast delivery, too.

Outdoor Lights: Planter Pots and Spheres

Outdoor Lights: LED magic

There are many options available for battery-powered or solar LED planters, they look great and throw a fair bit of light, especially if you choose white. Some blogs have suggested that these are painted with luminous paint – they are wrong. Paint does not throw this much light.

Bones Collection outdoor illumination

The Bones Collection was created for Vondom.

Outdoor White Globe Lights

These globe lights can float in the pool or be positioned on the ground. Once again from Slide Design (they have great stuff).

Snow Globes!

And they’re just as spectacular in the snow! Gives new meaning to Snow Globe.

Written by Beverley Wood

Beverley Wood has lived on boats in Toronto and Vancouver and in an old hacienda in Mexico. She knows funky when she sees it. She's been writing since she was old enough to pick up a pen and has never shied away from the unusual or the whimsical. Her love of the unique (and sometimes bizarre) led her to Captivatist.