Home Decor with Birds and Bugs

Home Decor with Birds & Bugs — it’s a thing now. On plates, on art, on lights. Yup, lots of lights are designed to go with a birds or bugs theme. There’s even a birdcage chair. And what kind of bugs are we talking about? Not nasty ones (for the most part). Bees, Crickets, Beetles, Dragonflies. Not so many spiders (who wants to be reminded of them?)

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Home Decor: Birds and Cages

Quite a few lights have birds as accessories to the design – and there are many choices in dishware and glassware. Picking the right bird accessory can really give your home decor a boost.
Interior Design: Birds and Bugs

These Black Crow Lamps are whimsical and fun lights – bound to bring a smile to your visitors’ faces. Hme Decor with Birds and Bugs never looked so good!

Bird Cage Pendant light

The Voliéres Bird Cage Pendant Light (above) and table lamp (below) are really design-led pieces and while they will only fit in certain styles of homes, they are spectacular.Bird cage table lamp

Pendant or table lamp (there’s even a floor lamp available) – these are upscale and whimsical, a combination you don’t often find.

Bird Leg Plant Stand

This Bird Leg Plant Stand is eclectic – A little birdie told us you needed something kind of kooky to liven up your decor. Try this playful plant stand. With the added foliage, this accent piece looks as though it may start walking and squawking around your home.

Home Decor: Birds and Bugs

Tropical bird glasses are a fun addition to an outdoor party. They’d look great with a pina colada inside!

Home Decor: Tropical Birds

Pair them with tropical bird napkin rings for a coordinated outdoor dining set.

Chicken Legs in gold

These are called the Long Legs candle holder set – and I’m not sure what kind of a bird they had in mind, but maybe a flamingo or crane. They certainly are eccentric, whimsical, the whole thing. The candles sit up nice and high and seriously, they’ll start a lot of conversations at the table.

Bird cage pendant lights

These bird cage pendant lights are intriguing – we can’t take our eyes off them. Maybe it’s the unexpected shade inside the cage. Whatever it is, they are fascinating.

Birdcage Chair Wow

We love this dramatic Birdcage chair.

Home Decor: Ravens

Here we have the Raven’s Perch wall sculpture – for fans of Edgar Allen.

Honey Bees in Home Decor

Queen Bee Birds & Insects Home Decor

This Queen Bee Throw Pillow is bejewelled with great detail.


Birds & Insects: Bee Coasters

And bejewelled bee coasters are the perfect outdoor summer coaster.

Home Decor: Brass Bees

A framed brass bee from the John Richard Collection is a stately and elegant piece for your wall, and you can pair it with his dragonfly (see lower in story).

Beetles and Other Insects

Bugs on the wall

There are four different styles of golden beetle to choose from in this collection – and they are an elegant home decor addition.

Inscect LED Wall Lights

Insect LED wall lights from are great for a boy’s room, but not sure I’d want them in the living area. Still, they are interesting and well-made and any teenage boy would love them.

Citronella Bugs

Citronella candles with bug decor make sense, don’t they?

Dragonfly Decor

Dragonfly Bench

A dragonfly garden bench is a perfect touch for the backyard. Not home decor technically, but patio decor! Your patio deserves some attention, too.

Home Decor: Dragonflies

Or a framed dragonfly from the John Richard Collection. It’s a match for the gold-framed honey bee above.

Dragonfly Stained Glass

A wonderful dragonfly stained glass panel adds a lovely touch of red – and just look at the detail in those wings.

Dragonfly Mantle Clock

A dragonfly mantle clock made from cherry wood is a stately addition to your home.


Home Decor: Birds & Bugs

Or mix and match – butterfly, moth and dragonfly. This one is from Jay Strongwater, who also did this home decor enhancing gold gorilla. You don’t even want to see the price (of either one).

Will you be adding birds and bugs to your home decor this year?

Written by Beverley Wood

Beverley Wood has lived on boats in Toronto and Vancouver and in an old hacienda in Mexico. She knows funky when she sees it. She's been writing since she was old enough to pick up a pen and has never shied away from the unusual or the whimsical. Her love of the unique (and sometimes bizarre) led her to Captivatist.