Home Decor Ideas: All That Glitters

Home decor ideas are a pretty general topic, but in our case, all that glitters is indeed gold.  Gold has always had a place in our mythology: think Jason and the Golden Fleece, the Goose who Laid the Golden Egg, and Midas — the Man with the Golden Touch. And in our vernacular: Solid Gold, Gold Standard, Golden Globes, Good as Gold, Golden Girls – I could go on and on. But we’re here today to talk about gold in decor and home decorating.

You could certainly overdo it. Pretty quickly, too. So if you have a habit of going overboard, gold may not be a good idea. For example, never, never, never have a gold toilet.

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Home Decor Ideas: Gold Sculptures and Figurines

Home Decor Ideas


This Jay Strongwater Pave Gorilla features 14K matte gold. Might as well start big. Well, not that big. He’s 7.5″ high. He mesmerizes me.


Home Decor Giraffes

From Ella James, gold mother and baby giraffe sculptures. She captures something, doesn’t she?

Home Decor Ideas: Gold Scottie

William D. Scott’s gold Scottie dog is really on a different level than your typical dog figurine. Maed of solid cast iron with a distressed gold finish — he has such a whimsical face. He’s the perfect curio for a Scottie owner.

The Paris Lock

The Paris Lock from Ashley Childers commemorates the world-famous Pont des Arts bridge in Paris. The bridge is famous for its thousands of padlocks attached to the bridge, locked by lovers proclaiming their love. There others around the world, like the Skinny Bridge (Magere brug) that crosses the river Amstel in Amsterdam. The Paris Lock has a more romantic ring. Whichever bridge it reminds you of, I love it.



Home Decor Ideas: Gold Butterlfies

The Jamie Young Flutter Away butterfly mirror is a mirror, yes. But also a stunning sculptural piece.

Golden Vases and Vessels

Home Decor Ideas

This Anasazi Gold Drops On-Stand Vase is an incredible piece of art. Crackled ceramic vase with gold drops that defy gravity. Really a head-turner.

Gold Vase

The LSA International Karat Vase is hand-painted with real gold. Just a 35mm layer, but it’s real nonetheless. Looks fantastic with something as simple as lacy green fern stalks.


John Richards Home Decor Ideas

The Gold Star Struck bowl from the John Richards Collection.


Home Decor Ideas: Golden Candle Holders

Home Decor Ideas: Gold Crocodile

Oh my – I’m in love with this Golden Crocodile Candle Holder – he’s another bohemian table conversation piece. You could almost tell a story with your candleholders. He’d go great with the palm tree candlesticks below.

All that glitters is gold

These Michael Aram Candle Holders are very nicely done palm trees and they look spectacular with gold taper candles. I’m in love with this whole set-up, they even have gold cheese and crackers.

Home Decor Ideas: Gold Bananas

Gold banana candle holders from the UK make me smile. What about putting yellow taper candles in them? Whimsical, and just the right accent for your bohemian table. Especially if you plan something like Bananas Foster for dessert.

Home Decor Ideas gold duck feet

The Duck Foot candle holder, again from Ella James. This one is super eccentric but it appeals to me. What can I say?

Chicken Legs in gold

These are called the Long Legs candle holder set – and I’m not sure what kind of a bird they had in mind, but maybe a flamingo or crane. They certainly are eccentric, whimsical, the whole thing. The candles sit up nice and high and seriously, they’ll start a lot of conversations at the table.

Gold Candle

The Fornasetti scented candle comes in the most delightful jar that features the face of the Italian opera goddess, Lina Cavalieri. And the most delightful scent – Otto. Which matches Fornasetti’s signature perfume, created by the “nose” of Chanel, Olivier Polge. This is no ordinary perfumed candle, in other words.

Home Decor Ideas: Wrapped Candles

These Gold wrapped Flameless Candles radiate warmth and look good. Combining tradition candles with LED wire lights is a really clever idea. Always buy “good” flameless candles. They last longer and the inexpensive ones look inexpensive.

Buddhas and Other Golden Gods

Buddha Gold Home Decor ideas

This Buddha is posed in the Varadamudra – a hand gesture that claims the Earth as a witness of enlightenment and signifying compassion and sincerity. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Home Decor Ideas: Golden Gods

This Lord Genesh statue is just shy of four feet tall. Imposing, impressive. Ganesh is revered in Hindu culture as the god of success and the destroyer of obstacles. I’ll take two.

Home Decor Ideas: Golden Gods

This Dancing Shiva Sculpture is one of the most iconic and enigmatic symbols of Hinduism. The dance is known as The Bliss – and celebrates the ying and the yang — both life and death, both creation and destruction. It’s all part of enlightenment.

Gods of the Egyptian Realm

From left to right Gods of the Egyptian Realm are: Horus, the falcon god of divine order; Anubis, the jackal god of the dead and embalming; Serqet, the scorpion goddess of protection; Sekhmet, the lion goddess of power and war; and Tutankhamen, the legendary young pharaoh. Available as a collection or individually.

Home Decor Ideas: Gold Tabletop

Home Decor Ideas: Tableware

These stunning Alchemie Gold Chargers  are plated with 24K gold. The trick is not to overdo your gold. See the collection below, mixed and matched with other available colors. That’s the way to go.

Gold Chargers


Gold Splash Dinnerware

Gold splash dinner plates from Jonathan Adler would make great platings for a dinner of artist friends.

Deadly Sins gold Glasses

The Deadly Sins hand-blown glass tumblers have attitude, I love them. It would be a interesting conversation starter to have guests pick their sin of preference.

Le Wink gold salt and peper

The Le Wink Salt and Pepper set made me smile.


Golden Lighting: Table, Floor and Pendant

Gold Rabbit Table Lamp

The golden rabbit! it’s a Hetty Hare Table lamp statement piece.


Gold Flamingo Pink Shade

Gold Flamingo table lamp — with a pink shade!

Golden Palm Pendant

This Golden Palm Pendant Light is elegant in its simplicity.

Home Decor Ideas: Gold Lamps

This Madam Stoltz gold palm leaf table lamp has character.


Bigger Pieces of Gold

Gold Bedroom

A bedroom? Why not? This Lili Alessandra Yovanna’s European throw is luxurious.


Golden Chair

The Kobi Gold Wire Chair is a subtle piece of accent furniture.

Home Decor ideas: gold

This Gold Pineapple Side Table is a statement piece.

Home Decor Ideas: HUGE vase

As is the gigantic Accolade Vase.

I told you at the start of this rambling curation to be careful and not overdo it and never, never, never install a gold toilet.

Toilet Brush in Gold

But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a Gold toilet brush.

Written by Beverley Wood

Beverley Wood has lived on boats in Toronto and Vancouver and in an old hacienda in Mexico. She knows funky when she sees it. She's been writing since she was old enough to pick up a pen and has never shied away from the unusual or the whimsical. Her love of the unique (and sometimes bizarre) led her to Captivatist.