Seafood Feast: How to Serve Lobster or Crab

Seafood feast time! Seriously now, what could be better than a massive seafood feast on a sunny day with family and friends? Make it a lobster bake, a shrimp and/or crab boil – fresh corn on the cob (and butter to roll it in) — what more could we want? It’s time to celebrate summer with the seafood feast to end all seafood feasts. Whether you decide to do a lobster bake or a crab boil (or a lobster boil, for that matter) — your guests are going to love it.

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Seafood Feast Crab

Old Bay Crab Boil (Dungeness), Peaches & Cream corn on the cob and yesterday’s news spread out on the table. It’s your basic seafood boil buffet. With a view.

Old Bay Seasoning

Speaking of Old Bay Seasoning – you’ll need some. There is nothing more iconic than Old Bay for your seafood feast, especially a boil.

Crab Boil Recipe / How-to Instructions

This is about as simple as it gets. The classic crab boil includes baby potatoes (red, if you want to get fussy), corn and Dungeness crab. You can throw some shrimp in if you like. Additional items can include onions and Andouille sausage. And Old Bay. You must have Old Bay Seafood seasoning.

Bring a large pot of water to a boil and toss all your ingredients in, except the crab (and any other seafood). Boil until potatoes are almost done. Add crab for the last 10 minutes – voila. Seafood feast! Drain it and turn it all out on a newspaper-covered table. Add lots of cut lemons, butter, tongs and seafood utensils and you’re on your way.

Crab and more crab


Lobster Bake Recipe / Instructions

A New England Lobster Bake is just what the doctor ordered for the beach this summer. Whether you are in New England or not – you can do this on any beach in the world. You can also do it in a pot on the stove if you are careful to steam and not to boil – but seriously, you’ll like it a lot better if you dig a hole in the sand and do it the classic way.

Same ingredients, but lobster instead of crab. Potatoes and corn are mandatory plus clams in this one. Optional: Onions and Andouille sausage.

A beach is best, but you can also do this in your backyard. Start a pit fire (hardwood) and let it burn for an hour to heat up. Add about 4 pounds of seaweed to a large pot (or you can use husks from your corn on the cob). Layer lobster, corn, potatoes, clam, sausage, and whatever else you are using, on top of the seaweed or green corn husks. Cover and place in fire.

Every 15 minutes or so, you can squirt a little water into the bottom layer of seaweed to keep it moist enough. In this case, we would add the Old Bay seafood seasoning to the butter and offer on the side with lemon (or lime) wedges. You can’t beat a seafood feast on a summer evening.

Lobster Bake


Seafood Serving Dishes: Lobster and Crab


Lobster Bake platter

This ceramic lobster platter is large enough to hold a lot of seafood. Less messy this way if you’re serving inside.

Lobster Serving Board

This oak lobster platter is just the thing to serve your sides on – lemon wedges and bowls of melted butter. Make them mini bowls, so everyone gets their own.


Dinnerware for your Seafood Feast

Lobster Chowder bowls

Lobster salad bowls could also be used for lobster chowder or clam chowder, well any seafood chowder really.

Seafood Feast

These latte crab mugs could be used for any drink you like – it’s fun to throw a themed party. The ‘blue’ crab is a unique design from Golden Rabbit.

Crab Seafood Plates

And Crab House dinner plates in blue will really make the red/orange color of your crab boil pop off the plate.

Seafood feast

Turn your crab boil out onto newspapers for a Seafood Buffett table, and offer crab-themed tableware for the best Crab Boil party ever.

Seafood feast chargers

These Crab House Chargers combine blue trim (note the nautical theme on the trim) with an orange crab and mix and match well.


Place Setting Crab Dinner

These mix and match place settings look great!

Old Bay Seafood Charger

We know you can’t have a seafood boil without Old Bay seasoning, but now you can serve it on Old Bay chargers.

Galvanized tubs

Great galvanized tub bucket for drinks on ice. They look great full of hard cider and beer.

Salt Spring Wild Cider


Aprons, Napkins & Placemats for a Seafood Feast

Seafood Lobster Apron

This lobster apron is just what the chef needs.


Crab Placemats Seafood Boil

Turquoise crab placemats are available with matching napkins.

Crab Placemat

These placemats are perfect for a Crab Boil – the old Blue Crab Special.

Lobster Napkins

These lobster napkins add a whimsical touch.

Crab napkins

One single element – these crab napkins – can finish off your table.

Crab Claws Salt & Pepper

Crab claw salt and pepper shakers are a super whimsical touch for the table. I love them!

Seafood tool set

You are going to need a few Seafood Tool Sets – trust me, it will make your life a lot easier.


Where can I order lobster or crab online for my seafood feast?

Maine Lobster Feast

From dock to doorstep: Fresh Maine Lobster – is one of the top-rated lobster delivery houses in the world.

Seafood Feast

This Maine Shore Seafood Bake is perfect – you don’t have to do anything. Or go for a Lobster Mac ‘n Truffle casserole delivered to your door.

Make Dessert a Takeaway GiftLobster ChocolateWho could resist this Harvey Nichols Chocolate Lobster?  People will be stuffed after your lobster bake or crab boil. So let them take desert home. It’s always so nice to get a parting gift after a fun dinner.


Or on the other hand …

Gummy Lobsters

This is a casual-style dinner. Maybe all you need to do is put out a big pile of gummy lobsters?


Our Wish for You This Summer:

Lobster T-Shirt


Or crab claws. You pick. This Lobster T-shirt is 100% cotton and sure to bring a smile. Maybe a gift for the host if you’re invited to a crab boil or lobster bake this summer?

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