Winter Whites: Decorate to Beat the Winter Blues

Can you decorate with winter whites to beat the winter blues? Chase those blues away with a new home decor theme – winter whites. Of course, this does become more difficult once you have dogs or kids, but give it a try. It doesn’t have to be modern and stark, the design can be down-home and comfortable if that’s your jam. And as you’ll see, if all white is too stark for you, it’s still considered winter white with a splash of color.

Be Mindful of Your Textures

There are some guidelines you should follow. You don’t want your room to end up looking like a marshmallow, one color, one texture — it will look like you’re caught in a whiteout. For those of you from the south, that’s when there’s so much snow flying, you can’t see your hand in front of your face.

Winter White Apartment condo

This is a bit of a stark look – with just the plants to offset the white. Still, it’s what some people are after (not me). If you want that stark, stark look, start by using as many smooth textures as you can find, and add only one minor color and only here and there, such as they’ve done above with the greenery.

White house with touches

But, on the other hand, all you have to do to wake up your white theme is add another material or color. Note the gold items on either side of the fireplace wall and the wood to the left to balance the color but also to add a texture – and the room warms right up. Design by Timothy Godbold.

White House

This is back to white on white with a few plants but is a much cozier atmosphere. There’s not as much open space, and the lighting is soft. The overstuffed couch and pillows help. It looks like all the seating spots in this room are super comfortable.  Source

Is Less Formal More Your Style?

Check the starfish top left

The wood gives this open-plan beach home some texture and color. Note the theme-driven starfish top left – a little whimsy never hurts. I really like the wood mantle over the fireplace. And the chandelier is quite eclectic in this beach vibe setting.

Wood and jute on winter white

Wood, wicker and jute can really make a winter white look tropical. Kind of an oxymoron to put winter and tropical in the same sentence! I’m a big fan of ship lap (on the right) as well as those white patio bulbs, they look great indoors, too.


Tips & Tricks for Decorating in Winter Whites

  1. Vary everything: textures, styles, periods
  2. Use warm lights/greenery
  3. Black accents break up the monotony
  4. Warm it up with wood
  5. Add silver or mirrors
  6. Add a single color and go bold but don’t go too heavy

Winter Whites in FurnitureWinter Whites Bench

This handcrafted Horchow White Thebes Bench with tufted seating just screams haute couture – but don’t let that scare you. It could also scream “eclectic” in the right setting.


Winter Whites Bench

This is a white sheepskin bench with clear acrylic hooved legs. Seriously, look at them. Made from Tibetan lambskin – it looks like a sheep/lamb once you realize the legs are, well, …legs.

Luxury White Chair

This Sheepskin Bergere Chair is one of my favorite pieces on this page. How luxurious is this chair and footstool? Doesn’t it look soft? It’s true craftsman furniture, with a solid hardwood frame. You can’t go wrong with this piece and it suits every room from elegant to eclectic, from Bauhaus to Bohemian.

Mirror your winter whites for a double hit

Use a mirrored console to make your winter white decor go further. This is a very elegant, planned look.

Neo-Classic Winter Whites

This one is a neo-classic room in winter white with traditional couch and a stylized coffee table.

White Wood Room

This room from Sean Litchfield – a guest cottage on Martha’s Vineyard, interior designer Kate Maloney. The ship lap and the windows make a great base for this cottage-like room. I love it.

Winter Whites: Accents with Texture

Winter White Vases

These White Vases from Etsy with subtle speckles will add some texture to your room. Different shapes and textures plus the speckles are the perfect solution for keeping the room interesting. I’m intrigued by the shapes and the purposeful dents in the jugs.

Obakki White Vase

Keep your accents simple. This wild foraged bouquet in a simple white vase is the kind of vibe you’re trying to create. The vase is incredible with its smooth surface – highlighted by the flora and fauna.

White Lights for texture

White lights add a layer to your white-on-white room. These branch lights are indoor/outdoor and really help elevate the look. And they can be shaped and twisted (somewhat) to suit the location.

Vases White Texture

This seven-piece bud vase set adds texture with the vases and color and texture with the flower buds. To be honest, you could do this kind of thing from garage sales if you keep your eyes open. Souce

White ship lap wall

Try something like this on your white (ship lap) walls — it breaks the monotony without breaking the white to have the background open like that.

Whites with Pops of Color

White bedroom with wood accents

Is wood a color? We think so. Between the floors, the side table, the stairs and the wood-panelled ceiling, there’s plenty to divert the eye in this mostly white room. Of course, even though it’s a “winter white” theme, it also screams summertime.

Beautiful Wall Hanging Winter Whites

It really helps when the dog is color-coordinated. The white wall hanging is really the showpiece here – made from plant material in Mexico by artisans using weaving traditions that have been handed down for generations. To purchase this incredible wall hanging, visit ethical goods company, Obakki.

Whites in the kitchen

Adding black is always dramatic in a white room. But you do need to do it in a mindful way. Source

White with live greens

Add black framed window panes and block furniture for this black and white look. The coffee table sets the spacial tone, and is the focus of the room.

Whites with the blues

Winter whites with a splash of blue – the trick is to keep your spot color all the same hue, the same level of depth. Doesn’t this room look well put together? Source

White with red accents is stunning

And then, there are red accents. My favorite color to accent white with. What’s your favorite? I”m mad about the red table on the left, and the lamps. Source



Written by Beverley Wood

Beverley Wood has lived on boats in Toronto and Vancouver and in an old hacienda in Mexico. She knows funky when she sees it. She's been writing since she was old enough to pick up a pen and has never shied away from the unusual or the whimsical. Her love of the unique (and sometimes bizarre) led her to Captivatist.