Wall Baskets: Boho Chic Decor with Tribal Influences

Wall Baskets – a large group of them – are the latest tribal or boho chic decor trend to come along and I love it. So many possibilities, so many baskets, so few walls! And so many combinations. What’s great is that you can buy a complete wall basket set, if you don’t have the inclination to put your own together. Saves time, I suppose, but I enjoy choosing each basket.

Come to think of it, it’s not just wall baskets, it’s baskets period that are enjoying popularity. Hanging baskets, wall baskets, Mexican baskets, African baskets, Native/Indigenous baskets — baskets are the new thing. And not just for decor. For things like storage (towels, blankets), plants, toys … if you can think it, there’s a basket for that. However, we’re not going there today. We’re going to showcase the best wall basket combinations and designs.

Monochrome Wall Baskets

Sometimes, a room calls for monochrome and earth tones, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be dramatic.

Boho Wall Baskets

This group of black, white and natural color wall baskets is for sale at Etsy and it’s certainly a nice looking collection – these are African and are wicker. Notice how balanced the splashes of white are. This is what you’re shooting for: balance.

Stark Black and White baskets

This is a set of five African baskets in a coil weave. It makes a very striking wall combination in this stark black & white.  Source

Sand and white baskets

These are also coil weave baskets and look great with just natural and white design – very simplistic, very tribal in its own way. Source

Have you tried baskets on your wall?

These Rwandan woven baskets are coiled weave and feature a wide variety of designs.

Cactus with African Baskets

Cactus as an accent gives this wall basket collection a very southwestern feel to the style.

Incredible Wall Basket Collection

This is a fantastic grouping of dramatic African baskets – buy this crazy beautiful collection here at Chicville.com

A wall full of baskets

And this is just a crazy wall of baskets! This is the Saxton Hotel, in Johannesburg, South Africa.

A Touch of Blue for your Wall Baskets

Got the winter blues? Beat them with a touch of blue — in your wall basket display. Everything from navy to robin’s egg blue. But don’t limit it to one color, if your house suits another color, use it!

Tribal Chic Baskets on the wall

This is a blue room for sure. You can buy some of these Rwandan baskets at African Home Goods.

A touch of blue wall baskets

This wall of blue baskets is really lovely, don’t you think?  You can do your wall with shallow and flat baskets, or pick baskets with more of a 3-D effect, but keep to one type or the other (flat and shallow are fine together).

Blue Wicker Wall Baskets

These Etsy blue wicker baskets are stunning, aren’t they? Wicker baskets are one technique, others are plaited or twined, others are coiled. All, of course, are woven. This blue beige set gets very good reviews.

Backgrounds matter

Wall colors can create dramatic backgrounds for your wall baskets. Pay attention to those colors as you’ll want to choose your baskets to match, not to conflict with what already exists.

Green Wall Baskets

This darker green wall makes the natural, and quite plain, baskets just pop on the wall.  Source

Wall Basket Decor

This blue wall and all the mid-century modern furniture provide a great backdrop for these wall baskets. Source

Blue Wall plain basket

When your wall is dramatic enough – you can work with less.  Source

Dramatic Sea of Baskets

There are some quite dramatic and spectacular baskets in this grouping. These are Ugandan baskets. Source


Bedroom wall baksets

Note how the pink around the edge of the focus basket is picked up in the pillow, the curtains, the very, very light pink blanket on the stool at the end of the bed, and the book on the side table. It is not done overtly. That’s why it all works 🙂

Dark entryway colors

This is a display on a lovely dark wall — the whole scene could look a little gloomy but you see how the white pillows just pull it out of the hat? Sometimes, you just have to try things. You wouldn’t think such stark white would work here, but it does!

Adding Colors to your Wall Basket Display

The colors in these African baskets are just amazing. Of course, depends on your house. Colors will suit some, and won’t suit others. The trend these days is all sand and beige and neutral and even a little moody and gray sometimes. Give me colors, especially in the winter!

Colorful African baskets

Colorful African Baskets

You can buy this beautiful and colorful grouping of wall baskets at  Etsy They are handwoven grass baskets, and different sets are available and they will even custom design for you. These are Sabai grass baskets and are handwoven by women in small communities across Orissa, India. I love (love, love) the wall treatment.

African Baskets for the wall

These African baskets have colors that just pop – such rich dyes (many all-natural). You can buy them all, fair trade, at Baskets of Africa.

Nice display of colorful baskets

This is really an attractive grouping — the pink in the pillows really helps to anchor the pink baskets. Source

Different Styles for Different Wall Basket Combos

You can use your walls as an art gallery for your baskets. And you can present them in almost any style you like – Bohemian, Tribal Chic, Southwestern Style — many ways to go. It all depends on the room you use them in, and the baskets you choose.

Boho Wall Decor

This is a real Bohemian style.  Source

Around the corner and up the stairs

I love how this display of wall baskets winds around the corner and up the stairs. Very creative.  Source

CapCurved baskets on the wall

Another artful placement. You can explore the different things you can do, even with the pattern you make on the wall — there is a great deal of creative leeway when working with wall baskets.

Outdoor Baskets on the Balcony

This outdoor patio looks like inside space the way it has been decorated – it’s simply charming. Source

Farmhouse Industrial

Cute additions to the basket wall source   in farmhouse industrial

Shabby Chic with Baskets

Shabby Chic has always been a good marriage for wicker. This is no exception.

Wicker wall baskets

And then, we have wall baskets that hold things. We like this a lot. You can buy these jute hanging baskets at Esty. Use them for your vegetable storage needs.

There are so many different ways to go and different styles. If you are aiming for the wall baskets to be a grouping, start with your largest basket and work around that. Make sure your colors are complimentary.

colorful baskets

So, go crazy and start collecting baskets – thrift stores, yard sales if you’re going boho but if you want a design-heavy, elegant style, then you need to be more selective. Lots of places online can sell you the baskets you need and remember, google is your friend.


Written by Beverley Wood

Beverley Wood has lived on boats in Toronto and Vancouver and in an old hacienda in Mexico. She knows funky when she sees it. She's been writing since she was old enough to pick up a pen and has never shied away from the unusual or the whimsical. Her love of the unique (and sometimes bizarre) led her to Captivatist.