Bull Head Decor: Bohemian Wall Art

Bull Head Decor is uber-trendy right now and fits every style from modern to bohemian. It’s part of the new “Tribal Chic” look. But you can call them Bull Skulls, Cow Skulls, even Bison Skulls. All the same thing really – not to mention Cow Head, Bison head, even Buffalo Head but a skull by any other name, and all that. Speaking of which, do you know about Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump? It’s a world heritage site in Canada. But I digress.

I  love bull head decor and own four bull heads – bison or buffalo bulls to be exact (2 of them). I believe the Huichol beaded piece I have is a steer skull and one is full-size pewter so, a faux bull head in reality. And two other DIY heads that are fairly plain, from a market — one simply has beads hanging from a horn, although I did glue little Milagros all over the other one.


Bull Head Decor with Succulents

Ceramic planter bull head decor

This ceramic bull head planter from Wayfair is a charming piece. It’s just amazing the thing these huge online decor outlets have, isn’t it? And at your door in record time.

bull head decor with succulents

Hard to believe this gorgeous piece (above and below) by Hodi Home Decor in Australia is resin. But it is. It is truly delightful and covered with faux realistic succulents.Bohemian Bull Head Decor

Don’t you love the look of this faux piece? And it is authentic right down to the teeth!

Wall Art Cow Skull

This piece of art is from Susana Stone Bailey. Originally from Louisianna, Montana was a culture shock for her but then she started to work with bull skulls. And now, she creates skulls with an edge. Each piece is bold and edgy in its own unique way, and every skull has a name. This one is Persephone, Goddess Queen of the Underworld.

Longhorn Steer Skull Wall Art

I’m very fond of this one – from Vesper & Vine. They herald the arrival of “modern southwestern style”. Because this one happens to be a longhorn skull, it gives us another category to feature.

Longhorn Steer Skulls: Texan Wall Art

Longhorn steer bull head decor

Well, this one is Australian, not Texan. And it’s a faux taxidermy piece, which is even better, easier to buy and import. And I think it would look great in a modern or industrial setting. For details see Faux Taxidermy.

bull head decor

This faux Texas longhorn looks pretty realistic and it’s easy to order from Amazon. Out in the backyard, overlooking the patio is a great spot for it. It’s composite resin, hand painted and polished and it looks great. Should fool even the most discerning Texan. From a distance, that is.

whimsical bull head decor

This Talavera piece is from Mexico, of course, and adds a whimsical touch to a Southwestern style kitchen or patio area. Be sure to check out the store’s other Talavera products, including tiles and sinks. From Hadeda Tiles


Bull Heads & Cow Heads as Lights

Wall Art bull skull decor

These beautiful lace-carved bull heads throw some incredible light. And they’re real. It’s quite an art.

carved bull head decor

This incredible piece is from CarvedSkulls.com – they have bull heads, cow skulls and even ram skulls. You must browse their website, they have got some incredible carved skulls. They have Buddha designs, lace doily designs, even sugar skulls from the Mexican Day of the Dead. And hey deliver worldwide and will do custom orders.

This one is made from resin – something to hold you over until you can get yourself a real carved bull head! From Amazon

Sequins & Beads: Bull Head Wall Decor

Sequin bull head decor

Bling! Wow! That’s a sequined bull head (cow skull …) – what do you call them? In any event, find it over here on Pinterest, where they say they take custom orders.


Sequin wall art

A gorgeous gold and copper sequined longhorn skull. Source

bull head decor

Talk about sequins! These big, flat-backed cabochons, I guess you would call them, are easy to work with and readily available online and at craft stores. Souce

Blue Sequnin bull head

This blue-purple swirl sequin bull head is quite lovely – sequins on one side, and a pre-made bead swirl on the outside. And ou can find those types of pre-made swatches at dressmaker supply stores.

Huichol Beaded Bull Head Wall Art

The Huichol are an indigenous Mexican group, located primarily in the Sierra Madre Occidental to the northwest of Guadalajara, Mexico. Like many indigenous American groups, Huichols have traditionally used peyote cactus religious rituals and thus the incredible designs. They are also famous for their embroidery as well as their beading.

Hiuchol bull skull wall art

This is my own Huichol bull head – or maybe steer skull – from San Miguel de Allende. The number of tiny seed beads in this piece are just incredible. And the colors are stunning, it’s magnificent work.

Huichol bull skull close up

How many seed beads do you think it takes to make this Huichol beaded bull head / cow skull? Thousands. Imagine the patience. The craftsmanship is incredible.


Huichol beaded cow skull


Blue Huichol beaded skull

This gorgeous blue Huichol skull is from a company called Marakame – but they have many other styles to choose from! And the site also has several languages and currencies to choose from – an easy site to fulfill your bull head dreams.

Huichol bull skull sugar skull

If the bright colors aren’t for you – you can always get one in more natural shades and tones.

Mosaic Bull Head Wall Art

Mosaic Wall Art

I’ve been saving broken tiles for a while – maybe it’s time to do some mosaic bull heads. But I cannot imagine being able to do such precise and craft work, these two pieces (above and below) are really well done.

Mosaic cow skull

From mosaic artist, Christine LeDoux and Mosaic Bayou – be sure to check out the site, she has some stunning pieces.

wall art steer skull

Mexican mosaic Cow Skull

This one is from Etsy – very Mexican style, done with broken Talavera tiles.

Mirrored cow skull mosaic

Mirror, mirror on the wall … another Etsy creation but sold out. But this one would be super simple to DIY, if you aren’t afraid to break a few mirrors.

Native American Bull Head Decor

Elk Dreamer bison Skull

From Prairie Edge & Sioux Trading Post in South Dakota – but discontinued (you can find them the odd time on eBay), the Elk Dreamer is one of my favorites (I own this one). Their skulls, being the prairies, are of course Buffalo or Bison Skulls. The Elk Dreamer is the wise one in the Lakota tribe, who can help you get back on the “red road” and the right path if you wander onto the “black path”.  These are hand-crafted, authentic pieces, made today in the tradition of yesterday. Because of their dedication, it’s a great store.

Ray Hillenbrand established the Prairie Edge concept in the early 1980s with two primary purposes: to educate the public about and preserve the heritage and culture of the Northern Plains Indians and to provide Northern Plains Indian artists an outlet for their finest work (at a fair price to them).


Pony Solider Bison Skull

Pony Soldier – Also from Prarie Edge, and still selling today, this skull is painted this way to mimic the ever-present American flag that was always at the front of cavalry charges. So, in turn, the Lakota Sioux thought the cavalry got their power from the flag and co-opted it to use themselves.


Bison skull Wall Art

And another Prairie Edge piece – do check out their catalog. Great company.


Painted Bull Head Decor

Turquoise Cow Skull

A very artistic turquoise painted bull head – go ahead, DIY! You can do it.

Another easy DIY, just follow the pattern. And research it online or in books. Source

Pendelton blanket Bull Head

From artist Alexandra Nason – this is the “Chief Joseph” design. It pays tribute to the Nez Perce — an Indigenous people who lived on the Columbia River Plateau in the Pacific Northwest region for at least 11,500 years. You often see this design on Pendelton blankets. The artist only works with female bison skulls and hand paints all pieces.

Painted Bull Skull

Not sure I’d put something this intricate and well done outside! From LL Designs.


Bull Head Decor – A Few Rooms

Bull heads look great in everything from modern to traditional rooms, as you’ll see below. I love it in the middle of the chalkboard, what a great idea.

Chalkboard Bull Head Decor

From Remodelaholic  – modernized southwest decorating. Because it’s all the thing today.

Bull Head Wall Art

Above the mantle works well in a more traditional setting.


Pewter Bull head

And the final image is my pewter bull head, longhorn bull to be specific, in a modern-industrial kitchen setting – it looked fantastic.

Don’t be afraid to be a little bold. It’s the modern southwestern way.

Written by Beverley Wood

Beverley Wood has lived on boats in Toronto and Vancouver and in an old hacienda in Mexico. She knows funky when she sees it. She's been writing since she was old enough to pick up a pen and has never shied away from the unusual or the whimsical. Her love of the unique (and sometimes bizarre) led her to Captivatist.