Ostrich Pillow by Studio Banana Blocks Sound and Light


Isn’t this the most fun-filled pillow you’ve seen in a long time? Not only is it LOL funny, it’s effective for blocking out the world! Designed by duo Kawamura-Ganjavian for their studio BANANA THiNGS of Spain and Switzerland, the Ostrich Pillow is so absurd looking that it turns a lot of heads. But believe us when we say that anyone who has ever tried to grab 40 winks on a plane or in a crowded terminal will appreciate this strange looking head piece. When the designers realized how much more time it seems everyone is spending in the workplace, they wanted to come up with a solution that would allow you to take a cat nap wherever you were. They wanted to create a warm and safe cave-like shelter where one could relax, and be removed from the world around them. The adult version is available in blue, orange and yellow (there is an Ostrich Pillow Kid’s version for smaller heads, available in pinks and blues). The fabric is 95% viscose and the filling is micro polyestirene beads. So go ahead, take a nap. It’s not really about sticking your head in the sand – but about grabbing some shut eye when (and wherever) you can!


It’s almost an alien looking creature.


The world disappears when you stick your head in an ostrich pillow!


You will turn some heads when you wear your Ostrich Pillow in public!


Adult sizes are available in blue, orange and yellow.


More information: Kawamura-Ganjavian