Placa Lamp by Portuguese Product Designer Goncalo Campos

The Placa Lamp is simple but elegant.

Designed by Portuguese product designer Goncalo Campos, it contains a strong character that shows in the unusual shape of the lighting fixtures and the strength of the board that supports the entire design. The base of the Placa Lamp is made of solid ash wood.

The lamp shades, which are made of black velvet, are bent slightly back to provide an unusual design as well as a unique lighting trajectory.

Placa Lamp is available in one, two, or three lamp shade versions. The version with a single lamp shade provides more space for objects, the base doubling as a plinth.

The versions with two or three lamp shades create art out of the spatial relationships of the shades. To add to the simplicity, the switch rests on the board for all versions of the Placa Lamp.

More information is available on the official website of Goncalo Campos.







Written by Beverley Wood

Beverley Wood has lived on boats in Toronto and Vancouver and in an old hacienda in Mexico. She knows funky when she sees it. She's been writing since she was old enough to pick up a pen and has never shied away from the unusual or the whimsical. Her love of the unique (and sometimes bizarre) led her to Captivatist.