Aviator Furniture: Fasten Your Seatbelts

Aviator Furniture: It’s the bomb. I love this style of furniture and have loved it since I first saw it at Restoration Hardware. And that was more than five years ago. Clearly, all things come to those who wait, as Aviator Furniture is now available to order online at Amazon and Wayfair. The prices haven’t come down much, but I still love it. You shouldn’t do a whole room in it – you’ll getting tired of it, I’m sure. But as accent pieces in either an industrial or eclectic room (or even a straight-up modern room), it is a great look.  Or, use one large piece as the main focus piece and create a stunning visual. Just don’t overdo it and you’ll be fine.

But just what is Aviator Furniture?

In many cases, Aviator Furniture is actually made from salvaged airplane parts. In some cases, it is manufactured new. How can you know? Trust me, the price should tell you 🙂  The bucket seats are styled after WHICH AIRCRAFT seats – Timothy Oulton, for example, has created a set of collections of aviator furniture, based on different planes. And the parts are real, salvaged parts. They don’t sell at the lower price end, though. Nor should they.

Don’t despair if Timothy Oulton isn’t in your budget (yet). There are still options for you, thanks to the popularity of this (kind of) eccentric style.

Aviator Furniture for the Office

Aviator desk

This desk is a much more traditional look than you fill find in most Aviator Furniture. From Homary in the UK. The leather straps are a nod to vintage suitcases.

Aircaft Desk

This sleek airplane wing desk (or small table) is available from Wayfair. Love the rivets. This is not made from actual airplane parts. It is well done, but don’t mistake it for the real thing.

Aviator desk

From Rustic Deco, this gorgeous desk “draws inspiration from the iconic fighter planes and bombers of WWII”. Very high quality design and manufacturing. The chair works very well with the desk. Even though there are multiple Aviator Furniture components, the room is well-laid out and it doesn’t feel overdone. This is what you strive for.

Aviator Desk Engines

Also from Rustic Deco – a more dramatic way to go – the polished aluminum jet engine and wing desk, paired with the Aviator Spitfire egg chair.

Jet Engine Desk

The aviator executive desk is inspired by vintage fighter jets. A polished aluminum jet engine and wing make a really funky desk, I think. It will be the focal point in the room whether you plan it that way or not. Visit Rustic Deco to purchase.

Aviator office

Back in the day, Restoration Hardware sold a great BlackHawk Secretary Trunk – talk about stashing an office away. Unfortunately, it’s no longer in production but you can find them the odd time on eBay or other online recycling sellers. Actually, eBay has a fair number of Aviator Furniture Listings.

Aviator Furniture in the Living Room

Aviator Chairs

Aviator Chair Wayfair

This chair is part of the Brancaster collection and looks really comfy. Source

Aviator bucket chair

This chair has a gorgeous design with a real loft look – and it’s not that expensive. Pick it up at Tribe Signs.

Black Aviator chair

Again from Homary in the UK – this black leather barrel Aviator chair fits many decor styles. It features exposed nailhead accents – I just love the detail. Want.

Aviator cowling chair engine

The Cowling chair, from Plane Industries, spins weightlessly. Plane Industries creates these from a Boeing 737 engine intake. Isn’t this all so interesting? Much more interesting than most normal chairs, I think. This company makes their furniture from retired planes and each has a history and a provenance. You really need to explore their entire site. It’s two brothers and their craftsmanship is outstanding.

Aviator Egg Pod Chair

This Aviator Egg Pod chair looks fantastic in an industrial setting like this. Polished aviation-grade aluminum and 100% leather upholstery make this a really stunning piece, from Knox Deco.


Aviator Coffee Tables

Aviator Coffee Table

This sweet coffee table is available at Amazon.

Aviator sofa table

And this one, a replica airplane wing coffee table can be ordered at Overstock (Canada or USA). It’s simple to furnish a house these days, isn’t it?


Aviator coffee table

From Casa Pedrino, this gorgeous coffee table is modelled after an airplane propellor.


Aviator chest

This four-drawer coffee table comes from Designer Sofas 4U in the UK. A few of our sofas, below, also come from the same location.


Aviator Furniture: Sofas & CouchesAviator couch

This tufted black leather sofa looks comfortable, doesn’t it?  Source


Aviator sofa - red

This is my favorite piece of aviator furniture. I just love the color. In the early days of this style, brown was the most popular color but the choices have increased as the style has become more widespread and common. A condition (more widespread) for which there are clearly pluses in price and style choices. From Designer Sofas 4U.


Aviator furniture

This sofa is quite discreet – not overdone at all and screams for an aviator coffee table.This three-seater couch in classic aviator furniture style is from Starbay

Aviator Furniture in the Bedroom

Aviator Bedroom

From Restoration Hardware, this aviator furniture headboard ” displays all the swagger and grit of the classic World War II aircraft that inspired it”.


Aviator furniture

This Timothy Oulton bed is sleek – and a perfect example of how to use aviator furniture in the bedroom. It can be ordered from Stockton UK.

Aviator Bed Set

With its leather upholstery and riveted bedframe, this piece of aviator furniture can really make a bedroom look industrial. From Restoration Hardware. And how cool is this – they make the leather panels removable — to stash your books and other nighttime comforts.

Aviator furniture for the boudoir

This medium size chest of drawers is by Timothy Oulton and available for purchase at Baker & Stonehouse.


Aviator dresser

The Aviator Blackhawk chest from Restoration Hardware is a stand-out piece for your bedroom.

Aviator Accessories


Aviator clock

This clock is just one example of the different accessories you’ll find out there if you have a look – there are some very creative pieces. This fuselage clock, in several color choices, is from Plane Industries — where they use authentic airplane parts only.

Aviator Furniture

This Aviator Cowling mirror is from Timothy Oulten, one of the world’s top designers. Be sure to click on the link, they have other aviator furniture pieces.


Aviatior Bar

This aviator wall bar is from Etsy – you can also buy parts there to make your own aviator furniture accessories (or I guess even aviator furniture if you want).

What are you waiting for?


Written by Beverley Wood

Beverley Wood has lived on boats in Toronto and Vancouver and in an old hacienda in Mexico. She knows funky when she sees it. She's been writing since she was old enough to pick up a pen and has never shied away from the unusual or the whimsical. Her love of the unique (and sometimes bizarre) led her to Captivatist.