Canary Islands Glass Infinity Balcony Hangs 2000 Feet above Ocean


An incredible glass infinity balcony, hangs 620 meters above the Atlantic Ocean. That’s over 2,000 feet high and you can indeed see for miles and miles. Designed by Jose Luis Bermejo, this “Mirador de Abrante” sits on a reinforced concrete structure at the tip of Tenerife in the Canary Islands. This public building includes a tourist information center and an interior cafe but the attraction, of course, is the glass (including the floor) balcony. The views are absolutely heart-stopping to the ocean below and out to the horizon. While not for those who might have issues with fear of heights – to walk out on this balcony must feel like floating on air. This spectacular observation point is a very pleasing structure even without the view with its stark and modern lines. The location, Agulo city on the island of Gomero, sits on a red cliff, on a platform directly above the sea. The perfect place for a Mirador (Spanish for viewpoint) – with a glass balcony. Don’t miss this if you’re headed to the Canary Islands!


The most expansive views!


The floor is glass…


The whole town sits on a red cliff above the ocean.


via Designboom
Photos: Juan Carlos Leon

Written by Beverley Wood

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