Ceiling Mounted Fireplaces – 9 coolest ceiling fireplace designs

Just in time for Holidays, here’s the collection of 9 trendiest ceiling mounted fireplaces – some of the most desirable items this winter season. This ceiling fireplace report lists 9 most captivating designs currently offered on the market, those cool hanging fireplaces you’ve always dreamed about.

We love the ceiling fireplace design – it may be one of the best designs of the decade – now you have a selection of 9 of them … make your choice this November before cold winter nights descent upon you … We have assembled most of the true ceiling-mount fireplaces we’ve ever found. Details are below…



FireOrb ceiling fireplace

The FireOrb fireplace is the most familiar one – it has been quite in demand, maybe because of its universal, organic design that fits many decor styles, from a very modern to traditional, and its clean aesthetics that fit in the modern suburban homes, urban lofts or rustic countryside vacation homes.

The Fire-orb is a wood burning suspended fireplace with a 360˚ rotation field. Made of steel. From $5800 USD. Buy at www.fireorb.net.



Gyrofocus high ceiling fireplace by Focus

Voted ‘World’s most beautiful object’ in the Italian Pulchra Design Awards 2009, Gyrofocus is also the world’s first ceiling suspended fireplace that rotates 360°.

Designed and made by a small company in the south of France, Atelier Dominque Imbert, this fireplace can easily handle very high ceilings or high vaulted ceilings. First created in 1967, this design has become an international classic and the symbol of the Focus brand by Atelier Dominque Imbert.

This wood-burning fireplace is actually quite large in diameter and has a wide opening that let you fully enjoy the flames – you can see some examples on the floor to ceiling images below. It sells around the world and fits most decor styles, from modern contemporary to traditional or eclectic. For information on retailers in your country contact Focus at presse@focus-creation.com. Also, visit www.gyrofocus-pulchra.com for details on Gyrofocus design. Buy at www.focus-creation.com.




Drop ceiling fireplace by Antrax

Looking like a big mouth that emits fire, the Drop fireplace is formed from a varnished steel cut with the laser. Almost 5 feet wide, this unusual fireplace will be a focal point of any space. With it massive size and muscular construction, Drop is not only a fireplace, it’s more of an architectural element, no wonder it’s designed by an architect.

It can fit anywhere, even in the very ultra modern space. It creates a very dramatic statement with any style, traditional or contemporary. It’s a piece of art. Open on three sides and sized at 150cm x 113cm x 53 cm, this fireplace is suspended from the ceiling to create a warm gathering point around it.

Contact Antrax export department for details on how to purchase it: export@antrax.it. Buy at Antrax.it.




Ovalie ceiling fireplace from Brisach

A very original and rustic design, the Ovalie see-through fireplace is perfect to be suspended right in the center of your room, instead of being against a wall.

It’s a wood-burning model that pivots a full 360°, measures 95 cm (37″) in length and is 50 cm (19″) deep. Buy it at brisach.com.


Tatiana ceiling mounted fireplace by Bordelet

Shaped like an Indian tipi, Tatiana is more of a feminine design, appropriately surrounded with plants and flowers as shown on this picture. With its light grey color and gently curved forms, it will find itself at home in a more traditional or transitional decor space. 98 cm (over 3 feet) in diameter, this pivoting fireplace creates a very cosy space around it.

Finished with a high temperature paint. Buy it at bordelet.com


Pharos ceiling fireplace by Harrie Leenders

Streamlined, Eiffel Tower like shape makes Pharos a very contemporary design. This open-fire wood fireplace will be a perfect fit in any modern contemporary house. With only 75 cm (29.5″) in diameter, this hanging fire pit makes an interesting choice for a more compact space.

Pharos is available as a fixed, 60° or 360° rotating design, for a corner or a center-of-the-room installation, to enjoy an open fire from every angle. Buy it at leenders.nl.



Bubble ceiling fireplace by Antrax

With a narrow, only 48 cm deep (~19″) firebox, the Bubble fireplace from Antrax requires less space around it, and can be easily positioned along the wall. It’ll do great in a smaller compact space.

Still, being 100 cm (~39″) in diameter, Bubble maintains a large presence. Its circular outer shape and rounded inside corners make it very appealing for modern interiors. Buy it at antrax.it.




Ergofocus & Bathyscafocus ceiling fireplaces by Focus

For something more unique or distinct go with these two modern designs by Focus, the ergonomically perfect Ergofocus and the perfectly round Bathyscafocus. Both wood burning and similar in style, these fireplaces are for every taste, for every desire, and for any high-end decor space.

A larger Ergofocus is 95 cm in diameter, while Bathyscafocus is a more compact and unobtrusive design at only 70 cm in diameter. Both fireplaces rotate 360 degree, allowing them to face any part of the room. Depending on your personal taste, make one a focal point of your interior space. Buy at www.focus-creation.com.




Written by Beverley Wood

Beverley Wood has lived on boats in Toronto and Vancouver and in an old hacienda in Mexico. She knows funky when she sees it. She's been writing since she was old enough to pick up a pen and has never shied away from the unusual or the whimsical. Her love of the unique (and sometimes bizarre) led her to Captivatist.