Ballerina Light Shade: Floor Lamps by Rakumba


Originally created as a private commission for ANZ Private Banking, these modern floor lamps are based on the Ballerina Lampshade concept. Don’t they just look like a dancer twirling on the dance floor? Designed by Simone LeAmon, these lights are a truly contemporary upgrade to the original iconic inspiration. The frills and twists are borrowed from the original late 19th century creation.The legs of this lamp are artfully positioned and conjure up the delicate limbs of a dancer – on pirouette. It’s available in two styles: Prima Ballerina and Petit Ballerina — and the Prima stands six feet tall! The two models are very close in height actually, with the Petit only being slightly shorter – the difference is the skirts. The Prima, available in only black, has a lower reaching skirt. The Petit has a higher sitting shade (skirt!) and is available in black on black or with a red shade on a white stand. But with either choice, you’d better be ready because these fantastic lamps will make you feel like dancing.


Image via Coroflot
These lamps make us feel like dancing!


Image via Coroflot


More information: Rakumba
Designer: Simone LeAmon

Written by Beverley Wood

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