Swedish Home Decor: IKEA never looked so good

A Swedish home decor that is charming and inviting was created using IKEA furniture and lighting, in the village of Simris Osterlen in Sweden.

You got to give it to the Swedish, they have their own sense of style and they’ve been perfecting it ever. And IKEA is the reflection of that style. But not without some French influence in this home decor.

Here’s how home owners explain their creative way of decorating: “The style is probably pretty typical of Osterlen, simple and understated, but we try to also add a touch of the Riviera and the Mediterranean …”

We totally agree with the owners’ take on this project: “In the summer house, you spend precious quality time and it’s important that it is equipped with functional and beautiful stuff.” And so they made it right – the feeling of the holiday is definitely here.

We also like it how “instead of opting for modern decor straight off, the owners deliberately chose a little worn out furniture and ornaments with a story to tell.”

“Overall, there is a sense of harmony and sacred calm,” as RoomAndServe puts it. We love the A-shaped loft bedroom on the second floor – this is what really makes it a holiday house.

Everything else being white, the contrasting exposed ceiling beams create an interior that feels fresh. Oversized white lamps, black countertops and colored chairs add the final touches to this unique decor.

Via Hus&Hem magazine.

Photos: Peter Carlsson





Written by Beverley Wood

Beverley Wood has lived on boats in Toronto and Vancouver and in an old hacienda in Mexico. She knows funky when she sees it. She's been writing since she was old enough to pick up a pen and has never shied away from the unusual or the whimsical. Her love of the unique (and sometimes bizarre) led her to Captivatist.