Life Size Driftwood Horse Sculptures by James Doran Webb


For anyone who follows Chinese Astrology, you know that The Year of the Wood Horse began on January 31, 2014. And what better way to welcome in a new year than to feature these incredible life-size sculptures of horses – made from driftwood. Above is “Mare at Canter”, below is his “Foal at Canter”, the most recent life-size work of Philippines-based artist, James Doran Webb. The two pieces are proportionate to each other and can be displayed together or separately. The artist creates a miniature version first, to test the waters, so to speak. And then creates these magnificent full size pieces using driftwood (and a frame of hidden stainless steel for support). He works from a large stockpile of collected driftwood (he hires workers to collect it for him daily) – he picks and chooses the piece of wood to match the sculpture’s needs. We’ve chosen to highlight his horses – being Chinese New Year and all – but he has a magnificent catalog of many animals. He manages to capture the essence of the horse beautifully – with the muscles bulging in perfect harmony with the shape of the wood pieces. His work is on display at galleries in England and Scotland – but watch for this talented sculptor to rise to international fame in the future. He’s not just horsing around!


The driftwood horses are so organic – the pieces of wood look like the bulging muscles in their necks


Fighting Stallions: Risking All


This piece is called Frankely Inspiring and it is the smaller model for a life size piece.


Steeplechase (above and below)


Charger on the Mount


More information: James Doran Webb

Written by Beverley Wood

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