Decorative Bookshelves: ultra modern bookshelf by Jordi Mila

We’ve seen many tree-inspired decorative bookshelves but the WisdomTree Bookshelf design by Jordi Mila of Barcelona, Spain is by far the most artistic and aesthetically appealing.

An ultra-modern design that is sure to spark a conversation … at which point you can explain to your guests that you simply consider it an innocent decorative object that depicts the proverbial tree of knowledge where books are the fruits of knowledge … or you can take the conversation in a more fun direction, I believe. Otherwise why would Jordi Mila dubbed this bookshelf “The Curse Of Knowledge”? Meaning that the more you know the more you get in trouble …

In any case, we think it’s a nice decorative piece plus a useful bookshelf for storing your favorite books, as intended. Contact Jordi Mila to order or continue reading after the jump …



From the designer:

“Wisdom Tree is for those who see books as source of knowledge and wisdom, not just as mere decorative objects. Its smooth, organic form was inspired by the growth of a tree, the books being the fruit of wisdom.
This unique shelving system, with its curvy, irregular lines is designed to accommodate knowledge, stories on paper, emotions and feelings that feed the Wisdom Tree. With capacity for a hundred books, Wisdom Tree was created to accommodate a selection of your most valuable books, those little treasures that you read over and over with the joy of reading them for the first time.
A completely handmade piece, finished in a glossy scratch-proof lacquer for the base and natural leather lightly stitched book-ends. The shelf comes fully assembled, with a delivery time of approxi-mately six weeks, depending on the destination country.
The design is presented in three different colors for the 2009/10 collection: moon white, inferno red and black matter.” Jordi Mila


A bookshelf design with many meanings


via School of Interior Design

Written by Beverley Wood

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